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HighLevel versus ActiveCampaign

What’s up everybody. So this is James and I’ve got someone, you know, it’s kind of new to go high level. And so I thought I would record like this demo and kind of just give him the big pictures. He, you guys need questions. But yeah, big picture go high level is it’s basically the, the, one of the best all in one tools that I’ve ever seen so far. I’m running my entire business out of here. And what I like to say to people is that they took the best of active campaign. What I love about active campaign is the visual automation builder. Okay. And so they took the best of active campaign. And, and I mean, just look at this. I mean, you, when you, when you have a lot of moving pieces, you, you need a place that can there’s, it’s always, it always comes down to triggers and, and actions and triggers just like zer.

Right? You have to have something that kicks off a thing, what’s the trigger and what’s the action, right? No matter what tool, you know, that’s, that’s what you’re gonna wanna do. So, so the question is, is like, well, what could all the different triggers be, right? Oh, it was their birthday. The, the contact change, the, they, a contact got a tag. They, the, there was an appointment status, you know, just whatever, you know, you can imagine like all there was an order form submitted, right. A call came in. So, but what’s really cool is all these triggers, like they’re all over the place, whether it’s memberships or phone calls or, or tags, or, you know opportunities, payments. Okay. So there’s a, there’s a, you know, 50 different ways you could kick off something. Well, then the question is, is like, well, well, what do you want to do?


Funnel Builder

Well, I wanna send an email. I wanna send a text. I wanna drop a voicemail. I wanna make a call. I wanna send a DM and, and messenger. I want to add a tag, remove a tag, assign it to user. I mean, it’s, it’s, it’s just mind blowing. Right? So, and then you can toggle if, if its has this tag, you can do that. If not. So there’s, so it’s a fully featured automation builder, and you can just see like the kinds of things you could make here, like conditionals and branching coming back, waiting for a reply. Like, so any of that stuff, it like its it’s, it’s amazing. And this, what I love too is, is how it works with text messaging. Right. I’ve never been able to do much with two way texting. I hadn’t even tried it in in active campaign. I think they recently came out with something, but the, the ability, the seamlessness of using texting intermingled with email. So the that’s, the that’s kind of the, the active campaign clone you could say. So they brought the best of active campaign. Well, that’s great. But you also need like you also need like a a membership area and I haven’t done too much with this, but then I say, I like to say, well, they went and they took the best of Kajabi. Right.

ghl workflow

So where you have a members area where you can charge people for for different products for let’s see if I could switch into another account. I might have something a little more built out. I don’t know if I do, cuz I just haven’t gotten to this part of the app. The app is huge. Like it does, it does so much. So this is like a course, right? So yeah, this is a little bit better of a of a demonstration. So basically, you know, upload videos, PDFs, different things, course charge people. You can you can combine offers. You can, you can, you can have them come to a page with a course and then see the courses that are locked, that they don’t have access to. So so basically I to say they have the best of, of active campaign.


Compared to Kajabi

And then they have the best of Kajabi. They took the best of those as, as, and then, you know, everyone has like their calendars, they have Calen there’s Calendly. But they, they have their own calendaring system too. And it just makes sense, right. That this is all, all these different things and how they work together. Right. So I book an appointment and or I buy something and it, and it unlocks a members’ area or I, it texts some different things. Right. so this is like your, your typical appointment scheduler, but instead of going to ly, it just goes into, into go high level. Right. So it’s, it’s all, it’s truly an all in one. This is really cool too. Like this is like the contact view. What I love about it because, because we’re, so multi-channel, we have, you know, messenger, we have Facebook, we have texting and emails and voicemail drops.

So no matter if I’ve emailed this person right. Or texted him or whatever it all comes into one, one pan of glass and this is in a contact record like this. But you can also just go to con the most recent conversations for your business. You can just go here and see all the different conversations all together at once. You can look at a at a big picture overview or you can go deep into one person’s. Okay. So to recap, we’ve got the best of we’ve got the best of Kajabi, the best of active campaign, the best of the calendaring softwares, right. Schedule once Calendly is a big one. Okay. And then of course you’re builder. Right. And and so you, you know, there’s lots of different builders out there, but take the best of the builders, whether it’s WordPress or other ones out there. And it’s gonna be very familiar to you. Rose sections and columns, custom CSS. If you want to, you know, it’s very easy to come in and, and change the button and the color. And so a person that’s not a computer

Programmer, it can come in here and make a decent looking website. If you know, CSS you’re gonna make even better looking websites and things. Now all of this is great. All of this is great, but for me, someone who’s pretty cheap frugal kind of like I had my active campaign account and I had mixed different business ideas cuz I have a couple of them. And so I was sending emails as this person from a different business. I was, I was tagging them to keep the thing straight, but this is the, this is what I think is the killer deal. The, the most amazing feature of this is that this layout that you see conversations, calendars, contacts. I, I didn’t even talk about opportunities yet, but automations sites, all of that stuff, all of this gets replicated in per business. Okay. So each one of these now, each one of each, one of these that you see here is a different business of mine, a different business idea that maybe I’m building out like power wheels.




Parties is one or, and this is it that one of the, that these are my clients. And now my clients are paying me to access this system under my white label domain. So I like to say these, you know, when they log in, they only see the one. But when I log in with the keys to the, the master keys, to the entire thing at the agency level, right. I sit on top of the whole thing and and, and run the show and I charge people on a monthly basis for, for access to my CRM. So I’ll show you. So if you go to hear company profile, white label domain, it, they want you to white label. It that’s, that’s what this is meant for. It’s not like, oh, I heard you can white label. It’s like, no, like that’s what you’re supposed to do. You’re supposed to come in here and, and add your domain. And next thing you know, your customers are logging into your website, right? And so they’re gonna come to this page. If I come to incognito window, now they’re coming into, you know, you got your, your logo and you got your domain. So within a matter of minutes, I could go dreamhost.com.  I could go and say, oh, I think I’m gonna make a new business. Let’s call it window cleaning CRM. Okay. Let’s say, I know, window clean. Really, really well. I go buy window, clean crm.com.  I go get high level. I drop it into here.

Next thing you know, they’re gonna be logging into window cleaning crm.com and they can, and this is where it gets really, really cool too. Let me not save that. Here is, is now you have window cleaning CRM or my, for mine, it’s ddxweb.com. You go to ddxweb.com. And I know there is a little, a little bug here. I know about that one and it’s not perfect. It’s not perfect. It’s like any other software, it’s get constantly getting better, but now you have a homepage, right where you are selling this CRM and you can, someone can come to your website and put their information and they can literally go here and check out and buy one little sub account to your CRM. And that’s gonna automatically charge them $297 a month or whatever you could be. It could be $97, $297, $397, whatever you, whatever you think you can sell it for.

Right? Putting in my credit card information here and hitting create account that automatically goes and emails them a username and login to, to your system. And while it’s sending that email to them, it’s coming over here and making a new one of these things right. With, with the information that they just gave you, and it creates a whole new brand new sub-account. And so the idea is, is to you know you, how you can do with this is you can do, you can get business as a funnel builder, cuz you’re gonna need to build someone’s site. You can, a lot of people are charging. You can charge anywhere from $100 to $300 an hour to just set these systems up for businesses, right. And then, but also you can get the the recurring, right, which is what, which is what’s sweet. The first of the month hits and all your clients are paying their their access fees to your system. So there’s a lot of different opportunities here. You can, you can run ads, you can be your you’re it’s, it’s an agency kind of play. So yeah, let me know if you guys have any questions and if you’re interested in taking a 14 day free trial of this, there’ll be a link at the, in the description below and that that’ll be my referral link. And I appreciate that. Thanks so much.

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